Why should I install SETTdeco in to my site?

Even though Sinhala is no longer a miracle on the Internet with thanks to Unicode, still a majority of Sri Lankan computer users cannot get the benifit of that, due to various reasons. The main reason is Windows XP OS. Windows XP is the OS that runs on more that 60% of computers in Sri Lanka & unfortunately Windows XP doesn't have Sinhala Unicode support by default, but users have to install it manually. Therefore due to the lack of the knowledge on Unicode & how to install & use Unicode, still a majority of Sri Lankan computer users are not able to get the use of local language Unicode websites, blogs & web services. You, as a local language website owner or a web developer, might face this issue critically as this fact hugely reduces the number of visitors to your local language website.

But now with SETTdeco Unicode Decoder, you will no longer have to worry about your visitors' side Unicode support. SETTdeco displays your local language content to any visitor on any computer, any OS & any browser regardless of user computer's Unicode support.

You can see a comparison between with & without SETTdeco on a Sinhala website. Following is how a Sinhala blog appears on Firefox on a Windows XP computer where Sinhala Unicode is not installed.(before installing SETTdeco service in to the site)
Following is the same Sinhala blog on the same Windows XP computer after this widget is installed in to the site.
The important thing is that the user conditions haven't been changed. The same user on the same computer, same OS & same browser has been enabled by SETTdeco web service to read the Sinhala content. Now hope you have a clear idea on why should you use SETTdeco.