What is SETTdeco?

SETTdeco is a web service given through a web widget that enables any user to read Sinhala Unicode web contents without depending on Sinhala support of user's computer.

You can simply install SETTdeco widget in your Sinhala website or blog & the web service will be automatically provided via the widget. After you install the widget, it detects everytime when a user vists your site weather your visitor's computer has Sinhala Unicode support or not. If your visitor doesn't have Sinhala Unicode support, SETTdeco does the job of decoding & rendering Sinhala Unicode contents & displays them to the visitor as it displays in a native Sinhala supported computer.

In addition to doing the Unicode decoding & rendering, it also informs the user about his computer's Sinhala Unicode support & guide him/her to install Sinhala Unicode on his computer.